Funding Program

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The Einstein Center for Regenerative Therapies is dedicated to facilitating the generation of innovative research ideas and successful implementation thereof. A two stage funding scheme has been launched to enable teams of scientists to develop new research concepts:


Stage 1: The Einstein Kickbox is a seed grant that supports the transition of new ideas into a fully fledged research concept. 


Stage 2:  ECRT Grants funds research projects that have been developed successfully during the Kickbox Phase.


Please see the ongoing calls for further information on the funding opportunities.

Call for applications

The call for applications is closed.

This call is open until 15 December, 2018.
If you have any trouble with the formatting, please feel free 'unprotect' the file (pwd "1" )
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Kickbox - young scientist

The program is targeted at university graduates, PhD students and early postdocs who want to explore new approaches in order to develop sound research concepts.


Kickbox - advanced scientist

Advanced scientists (PIs, AIs, independent research group leaders and advanced postdocs) are invited to apply for the Kickbox advanced scienstist.