Funding Program

The Einstein Center for Regenerative Therapies aims to stimulate excellent and creative research in Berlin and Brandenburg. Therefore the Einstein Kickbox seed grant has been developed – a funding opportunity particularly for innovative research ideas which are unconventional or are at an early stage for traditional funding.


Our goal is to foster as many excellent ideas as possible in order to unfold and display the full potential of regenerative therapies.

Call for application


We encourage Berlin’s scientists who want to team up in order to explore the feasibility new approaches which could take regenerative medicine a vital step forward to apply for an Einstein Kickbox, especially if an application to the major research funding bodies is not an option due to the curiosity driven high-risk or early stage character of the ideas.

The Kickbox will include 1) a small budget (5.000 € for young scientists or 15.000 € for advanced scientists) to fund initial lab experiments, gathering expert’s advice or for the establishment of new collaborations and 2) support from the BioThinking program – a methodology to systematically facilitate cross-disciplinary team work.


This call will close Friday, February 9, 2018. We request a note of intend to apply until January 31!


For further information please click the following link:

Call and Application Form 2018n.docx
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Kickbox - young scientist

The program is targeted at university graduates, PhD students and early postdocs who want to explore new approaches in order to develop sound research concepts.


Kickbox - advanced scientist

Advanced scientists (PIs, AIs, independent research group leaders and advanced postdocs) are invited to apply for this Kickbox seed grant. 


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