Interdisciplinary research support

The Interdisciplinary Research Support aims at facilitating and coaching research groups that consist of two or more disciplines that are working on a shared topic. The support is customized to the needs of the research project and might include:

  • Need finding
  • Kick Off facilitation
  • Moderation of debriefs/feedback/presentations
  • Agenda setting
  • Time boxing
  • Project management support
  • Shadow coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Strategy and Vision Finding
  • Presentation Training

Collaboration Consultance

In addition to the BSRT dedicated BioThinking Project and the Interdisciplinary Research Support, the BioThinking Team offers to consult research groups or projects in regards to collaborative research and interdisciplinary research teams. We also support collaborative curricula development. This service is offered on demand and might include aspects of the Education Track as well as of the Collaboration Track. Together, we will analyze your needs and create a support plan that might include topics like:

  • Collaborative atmosphere and mindset
  • Team building
  • Flexible space
  • BioThinking process support
  • Strategy and Vision Finding