Discovery course

 The BioThinking Discovery Course is a 2.5 day workshop for all levels of researchers from all disciplines. Participants work in teams of four on a shared challenge by following the BioThinking Process, facilitated through a coach. Expert inputs will be held on different aspects of the process, e.g. problem understanding, enthnographic research, synthesis of data, ideation in teams, prototype to get feedback, testing assumptions. Participants will get familiar with the core principals of design thinking in science and experience different methods and tools that add to their research competences, e.g. interdisciplinary team work, prototyping, communication of data, visualization of insights and creative space.

Proficiency course

The BioThinking Proficiency Course is a one day workshop for all levels of researchers from all disciplines. Participation in the BioThinking Discovery Course is recommended. The Course will go into detail of different aspects of BioThinking tools and methods focussed in the area of science, in order to enable participants to incorporate them into their daily research. Hands-on practice as well as expert input on the topic will be provided. Proficiency Courses will deal on topics like Prototyping in Science (in collaboration with the Prototyping workshop of the Charité), Visualization in Science, Creative Space in Science, Observe and Expand your Scientific Field, Synthesize and Communicate your Research, and many more.

Fellow training

The BioThinking Fellow Training is specially designed for researchers that are part of a BioThinking project or want to introduce interdisciplinary Biothinking tools and methods into their research project team. We will analyze the research projects‘ needs and customize research team support based on BioThinking principles and methods. The Fellow Training is in conjunction with the Collaborative Track, and focusses on training of individual researcher to be able to lead and manage a collaborative research team. The Fellow will get a certificate for participating in the training. The training includes:




  • Participation of BioThinking Courses
  • Guided translation of BioThinking tools and methods into the fellows‘ research project
  • Shadow coaching to support team leader skills