The BioThinking Program is developing a Method Kit that is alligned to the evaluation of the BioThinking Courses and Projects. This Method Kit will incorporate the best of BioThinking tools and methods focused on a scientific context.


Use cases for the Method Kit might be:

  • BioThinking course support
  • BioThinking project support
  • Fellow support
  • Guide for interdisciplinary research groups that want to introduce BioThinking
  • BioThinking support for collaborative research teams
  • BioThinking coaching and meeting facilitation


The BioThinking process is based on understanding and analyzing a problem, identifying underlying needs, and prototyping for early testing and feedback – these steps are realized in a consequent structure and supported through tools and methods inspired by different disciplines (e.g. design, ethnography, sociology, innovation management). In that, it is adding to scientific research approaches and enables the researcher to advance its project management and team skills, as well as fostering an innovative mindset.


In accordance to the BioThinking trinity of process, teamwork and flexible space, we will introduce and advance collaborative spaces in scientific environments. The BioThinking team develops a Space Kit that is based on the evaluation of the BioThinking Courses and Projects, enabling research teams to redesign a scientific environment into a collaborative space easy and fast.

The Kit might include a step by step guide and flexible modular elements for collaborative spaces.