Doctoral reasearch projects that will be launched with the support of the ECRT


Interested doctoral candidates who want to apply to any of the projects, please click here.


Role of human extracellular matrix properties in central nervous system regeneration

Team: Sarah-Christin Saroßom, Ansgar Petersen, Harald Stachelscheid


A chemokine system to unleash T cells against solid cancer

Team: Tino Vollmer, Michael Schmück-Henneresse, Hans-Dieter Volk


Building a Platform for Fast Track Development and Characterization of Engineered Antigen Receptors

Team: Dimitrios Laurin Wagner, Michael Schmück-Henneresse, Hans-Dieter Volk


Differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into regulatory T cells (Tregs) using epigenetic editing

Team: Christopher Kressler, Julia Polansky-Biskup, Harald Stachelscheid


Cellular senescence in mechano-sensation and ECM organization

Team: Erik Brauer, Ansgar Petersen, Uwe Kornak


Organoid disease models for spinal muscular atrophy

Team: Angélica Garciá Pérez, Mina Gouti, Markus Schülke